Hello lovely people, moving straight into it let me introduce my new podcast.

Now this started with posting simple recipes and cheeky videos online, now I want to delve a little deeper and provide you all with awesome content and interviews.

Initially Big Feed Up HQ embodied sharing my experiences in the kitchen with friends and family creating easy eats with whole food based ingredients (You can find a little library of recipes on my site if you click here).

So far I have received positive feedback with the content on Instagram which is awesome and I want to go deeper. A podcast format allows me to speak about my relationship with food, recipes I often use and meals I am keen to create. I can talk about more than just nutrition for example exercise, mental health and  overall wellness. Additionally it allows me to interview other people and dig into their past experiences, what they are working on, learning about and implementing in terms of overall wellness.

So with that all in mind let me introduce my first guest Joe.

Joe runs a company called Motion Nutrition


We met through a mutual friend and in this episode we delve into supplementation and saunas. Joe used to be a competitive swimmer and he explains the shift into now running his own business and building a supplement / food product brand. At the start of the episode we briefly touch on saunas and our own experiences of sitting in heat in order to benefit our physical recovery and our mental states. Currently I like to do at least 30 minutes a week in the sauna and come out a a minute or 2 in a cold shower straight away. As always with these kinds of things I am not touting medical advice and always seek your GP before undertaking any kind of ‘new’ nutritional or training or recovery regime. Search for Dr Rhonda Patrick if you are keen on more information on Sauna use.

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