Something a little different this time.

My friends Harry Norman and Krys Szota and I crack a little conversation the night before we ran together in the South Downs.

Harry has a background in something called Anatomy in Motion and recently has become interested in Chinese Medicine.

He currently works in Marylebone in the Thirdspace gym and you can find him @hazr_kogma. He is a very good movement coach and one hell of a home cook.

Krys has a background in swim coaching and is far harder to find on social media, I assume you can search him on facebook. His researching skills certainly benefited our chat.

Together a few years ago we yomped a decent marthaon distance down in Dartmore and it was good to catch up with them both.

Anyway this episode was very enjoyable to record and I want to do more.

We had nothing organised or rehearsed, I pressed record during a conversation we were already deep into after dinner.

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