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One-On-One Session

Action working with me today in person or online. The first session is all about understanding you, we can talk about nutrition, lifestyle, activity and supplementation. After booking I will email to arrange a time and date to meet for a consultation.

Performance Nutrition for Athletes

As a practitioner I can support this by nurturing a consistent nutritional routine, a food first approach and the the ability to translate research into practice.

Knowing when to change things nutritionally alongside a periodised training plan is a skill and we can work on this together.

Performance Nutrition For Lifestyle

Weight Loss | Improve Energy | Improve Concentration

From a practical standpoint managing energy levels, hydration and sleep encourages mental clarity. We all have different drivers when it comes to wanting to lose weight or change our body composition, whether it be for a holiday, an important event, for health or for athletic purposes for example.

To harbor a consistent approach to effective weight loss and/or improve cognitive function and energy levels during the day, education and building strong mental fortitude is key. Rest assured we can work closely on all of this together.

Public Speaking

A favourite part of my job is to speak in a room full of like minded people keen to learn and develop themselves. Whether it be in a sports performance setting or corporate wellness, I am available for booking to speak on nutrition and performance, health and recovery.

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